About Us – MFHCC – PLEASE GO TO OUR NEW WEBSITE: https://ncrhcc.org/chapters/metro/

The Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition (MFHCC) works to prepare the public health and healthcare systems of the Colorado Counties of Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Gilpin and Jefferson. Beginning in March of 2016, the Denver Healthcare Coalition and the Foothills Healthcare Coalition joined together to create the Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition.

Mission:  The Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition’s mission is to facilitate the opportunity for healthcare partners within the MFHCC to share best practices, develop networking relationships and enhance collaboration and communication for the purpose of increasing the ability of the healthcare delivery system to prepare for, prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from any and all emergencies.

Vision Statement: The vision of the Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition is to be a leader for health and medical emergency preparedness in Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Gilpin and Jefferson counties.

Purpose: The purpose of the MFHCC is to provide an opportunity to advance the following goals:

  • Provide networking and communication opportunities in order to develop relationships
  • Promote collaboration on best practices and projects
  • Facilitate information sharing within and across disciplines
  • Plan, design and implement MFHCC sponsored workshops, trainings and exercises with respect to ESF-8 concerns
  • Seek funding opportunities as they become available on behalf of the MFHCC
  • Note:  The MFHCC will not serve as a response entity during emergencies. All MFHCC members will coordinate directly with their county ESF-8 lead during emergencies.

Sponsorship: The MFHCC is sponsored by Denver Public Health and Jefferson County Public Health.


Members: Anyone is welcome to join, and the following disciplines are currently involved in the MFHCC:

  • Acute care hospitals
  • Community partners
  • Coroners
  • EMS
  • Emergency management/public safety
  • Local, state or federal government entities
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Mental and behavioral health
  • Non-acute care hospitals
  • Outpatient/specialty clinical providers (Clinics, FQHC, dialysis, ambulatory care centers, etc.)
  • Public and environmental health

Situational Awareness & Emergency Support:  While the Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition does not function as a response organization, during incidents we gather and share appropriate situation awareness information with our member agencies. Additionally, during an incident the Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition members are encouraged to work together to share resources and support (when it is appropriate), and that coordination can be initiated through the Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition Co-Chairs.

Questions?  For more information about the Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition, please view the MFHCC_Charter and MFHCC Operational Structure resources.



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