Co-Chair, Janelle Worthington


Grays Peak – my first Colorado 14er


  • Janelle Worthington, MPH


  • Emergency Response Planner, Jefferson County Public Health

How did you get involved in emergency preparedness and response?:

  • My experience responding to disasters in Central America is what initially peaked my interest in EPR, and led me to pursue a Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance as part of my MPH degree. While this had a more global health and emergency response focus, when I came to work at JCPH I was enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn more about the preparedness side of EPR at the local level.

What benefits do you receive from the MFHCC?:

  • Getting to know and learn more about all of our amazing partners in this region!


  • Teaching and practicing yoga, travel/exploring new places, hiking, various artistic endeavors (jewelry making, crocheting, leatherworking, etc.)

Favorite vacation/travel destination: 

  • Middle East, Kauai, Spain, Costa Rica