Sarah Schoeder


Name: Sarah Schoeder

Title/Organization: Wellness Director, Eaton Senior Communities

How did you get involved in emergency preparedness and response?

The Mission of our organization is to be ready to manage any environmental challenge that may come our way to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and residents. I am fortunate to have a wonderful supervisor who encouraged me to join the Coalition and now I am hooked!

What benefits do you receive from the MFHCC?

I appreciate the networking that has occurred as  a part of the Coalition experience. Primarily for me the opportunity to better grasp the complexity of emergency preparedness and how the agencies come together to manage the events that come our way. The different exercises I have participated in have helped me to feel more confident and prepared than had I not been included.

Hobbies: animal welfare, lifelong learner, movies, history , geology, advocacy for older adults

Favorite vacation/travel destination: Coast of Maine!