Christine Billings

Name: Christine Billings

Title/Organization: Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordinator, Jefferson County Public Health

How did you get involved in emergency preparedness and response?: When I first entered the workforce after my fellowship, I was an epidemiologist funded by an emergency preparedness grant. I figured it was best to learn as much as I could about the integration of epidemiology and public health emergencies. Nine years later, with the same agency, I am now the coordinator of the same program with the same agency.

What benefits do you receive from the MFHCC?: I enjoy participating in the MFHCC for the collaborations. It is so great to get all of our response partners in one room, talking about we can all help each other. The culture the MFHCC has created for health and medical collaboration is one to be proud of!

Hobbies: Christine is an active participant in her church by volunteering her time in the choral and emergency preparedness ministries. Christine also leads the emergency preparedness team at her children’s school. While not running between public health emergencies, soccer practices, coaching cross country, and basketball games, Christine enjoys watching Broadway musicals, camping, graphic design, running, and board games with her family.

Favorite vacation/travel destination: Hawaii was pretty delightful, and I really enjoy short get aways to Vegas, but I am really looking forward to visiting Italy! Current travel destinations are determined by children’s sports tournaments. 😉